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Besides the BOI, other Thai government agencies that provide investment incentives to a foreign investor include the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and the Revenue Department.

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

The IEAT grants non-tax investment incentives to companies that locate or relocate on  property that are classified as “industrial estates”. There are several industrial estates around the country. For more information on industrial estates in Thailand, please refer to IEAT’s industrial estate map. 

The industrial estates are divided into 2 zones: General Industrial Zone and Export Processing Zone. The Export Processing Zone is designated for industrial and commercial operations that will benefit the Thai economy, provide state stability, achieve public well-being, environmental management or other goals specified by the IEAT Board. Supplies taken into an Export Processing Zone are entitled to additional tax and fee privileges, in accordance with the appropriate legislation. For more information on privileges, please refer to the Customs Department

The Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance

The Revenue Department grants tax privileges for a company that would like to set up its Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH) within Thailand.  The ROH must provide services to its branches or associated enterprises in at least 3 countries. ROH incorporated in Thailand may qualify for a 15-year corporate income tax exemption and reduced personal income tax for expatriates. For more information on tax privileges and incentives, please refer to the Revenue Department.

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