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Professional Meets Paradise

While Thailand’s ever changing and expanding economy emerges onto the modern global front, the Southeast Asian country’s century old charms remain the same: natural beauty and friendly people. Between white sandy clear-water beaches, lush forest-topped mountains and vibrant cities, it’s no wonder that working and living in Thailand exemplifies a professional paradise.

In fact, HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey marks Thailand as the Top destination in the world for expats – outpacing other popular locations such as Switzerland and Hong Kong. Leave it to of the “land of smiles” to provide warm hospitality, while the low cost of living and affordable accommodations provide a peace of mind.

See what makes Thailand truly a treasure: 

Thailand’s Treasures
Those living in Thailand get to experience both modern urban Asian cities and remote wonders. In your spare time, find urban excitement in energetic Bangkok, tropical Phuket (film spot of The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio) or historic Chiang Mai, or explore remote wonders through seakayaking, trailblazing, or wild elephant watching in one of Thailand’s national parks or island hopping. If simply relaxing suits your taste, Thailand is known for its top-notch holistic spas.

Rich Culture
As the only Southeast Asian country never to be colonized, Thailand has managed to retain both its cultural authenticity and celebrated cuisine. Buddhism, the nation’s major religion, means Thais practice peacefulness via meditation and are opening towards other religions.

Close to the equator, Thailand provides the tropical weather of an island with the cool air and breeze along its land-locked coasts. The country’s two coasts have opposite rain seasons, means beach-bound weather is available all year round!

Cosmopolitan Capital
Bangkok, the nation’s capital was named World’s Best City by Travel + Leisure magazine two years, the nation’s capital proves to be a bustling city that foreigners revel and locals love to live in.  

Low Cost Living
The country’s housing options are priced at low costs relative to the EU and USD,  making beach rentals in Thailand not just an aspiration, but a reality. Fresh food markets make eating extremely cost-effective.

Thailand’s growing technology sector signals the readily available communication systems in the country – whether accessible internet, cell phone coverage, or a reliable postal service, communicating locally and internationally is seamless.

Growing to be the medical hub of Asia, Thailand services medical needs with over 400 hospitals, including the largest hospital in Southeast Asia and the first ever to be granted the Joint Commission International Accreditation. Thailand’s healthcare is also foreigner-friendly, often providing a personal assistant to walk patients through the hospital process as well as on-staff translators speaking a plethora of languages: from English, French, to Arabic.

Getting around the country’s 200,000 square miles is easy when you have public transportation – take the local bus or train to get around locally, or rent a car or motorbike for longer trips.

National Park List
Many of which provide camping, cold water showers, and restaurants, all in close proximity to Bangkok.

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